Nearly 50 years of excellent quality


"They don't make them like that anymore"? Yes they do! Since 1961 Lastek produces solid, build to last welding products.

Welding electrodes, since 1961

In 1961, a new young player came on the Belgian market. Lastek was the name, manufacturing welding electrodes the game. In the early years Lastek produced only specialty electrodes.

Subsidiaries & acquisitions

Lastek was an immediate success. In 1964 Lastek Italy was established. In 1966 Lastek took over “La Soudure”, at that time Belgium’s oldest manufacturer of electrodes. In 1971, Lastek Netherlands was founded.

Welding equipment

Meanwhile more and more customers asked about Lastek developing welding machines. The answer followed in the mid sixties, the first Lastek welding machines were introduced.

Today, the specialty filler materials are exported worldwide. Lastek has subsidiaries and distributors in 96 countries.