Distributing welding consumables


As a distributor, you will have a wide range of high quality welding specialties. And you will be supported by Lastek in many different ways.

Your benefits as a welding equipment distributor

Distributors of Lastek products have a good basis to be succesful.

High quality will give you satisfied customers
First, there's the superior quality of the products. Since 1961 Lastek has manufactured its own, renowned high quality filler metals.

Specific products for specific jobs
Second, we have a vast range of products which are the answer to all kinds of welding activities. Welding cast iron to stainless steel, repairing copper pieces, soldering silver, underwater welding, etc...

Eduction & marketing support
In order to ensure that local customers will get to know your Lastek products, we have various supports, from marketing tools as catalogues, posters and gadgets, to education via 3 day Lastek seminars. There will also be the opportunity to create a local website, to provide new leads directly to you.


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